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August 7, 2018
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The Carnival of Venice (Carnevale di Venezia) is one of the oldest festivals held in Venice, Italy. The festival is world famous for its amazing and unique masks that people wear during this event.

The annual Carnival of Venice welcomes thousands of revelers in elaborate masks and historical costumes for parades, performances and grand balls.


St. Mark’s Square


The center of Carnival festivities, this iconic square hosts the opening ceremony, called Flight of the Angel, plus a parade, daily costume contests and other revelry. It’s a nice square with a nice view to the basillica. Besides that it’s not that special. You can’t really go to Venice without visiting the square so been there done that.


Venetian Arsenal


The Venetian Carnival is most famous for its distinctive masks and costumes. It is common for people to attend the Carnival wearing elaborate costumes and masks.

Fireworks and other events often take place at this Byzantine shipyard founded in 1104.

Local Guides say:  

One of the endless wonders of Venice. From here began one of the most important missions of European history, which led to the victory at the Battle of Lepanto. Every corner is full of history and stories.

Ca’ Macana


Its a craft store where you can find the oldest masks for the beautiful Carnival. This oldest mask sellers offers a vast range of Carnival faces and workshops for making your own.


Venice Casino


A visit to the oldest casino in venice. The Venice Casino is in a three-story building right on the Grand Canal and a short walk from the San Marcuola vaporetto stop. The first floor houses the slot machines, while the second-floor houses a poker room and the table games are located on the third floor.

An elaborate costume ball and dinner takes place in the grand rooms of this 15th-century palace, which is now home to the Venice Casino.


Canale di Cannaregio


There are only 3 main canals in this is one of them. Originally constructed in 11 century it’s name means ‘royal canal’ in the northern area of the city ie Cannareigo.
It was originally until late 1800’s the main artery into the city, until the railway/road bridge was built which linked Venice with the mainland. This are is where local venetians live, and to the right of the canal is ‘the Getto’.


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