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Everyone wants a dreamjob in which they wants to travel around the world and work, but no one wants a cabin job. Thats true, we all want that job. How to get a Dream job?

Travel make a person sober, happy, calm. Half of the population wants a travel job but only few are lucky.

When you Travel to places and wants to explore more, you have many travel questions which confuse your mind always.

Lets answer all the travel questions which every traveller is asking daily. If you have any travel questions about travelling like “what should be in your backpack? things to do before travelling to different places? how to get a dream job of travelling?” you can ask in the comment section below.

Lets Start with our First travel Question which is one of the most asked questions.

  1. How to get the Dream Job of Travel around the world and work?

We have so many answers for this question. First of all we talk about the Jobs which are called as Dream Jobs in this world for the people who are wanderlust:

Expat Jobs

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This includes the English teachers, nanny etc. Expat stands for “expatriate”. If you are working on your own in different countries Expat jobs are related to those. Meaning while you are a citizen of one country, you choose to live/work in a foreign country.

Backpacker Jobs

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Backpackers and vagabonds do work that I’ll call “alternative” travel jobs. The type of work that may not require a computer, but a more hands-on approach. Think musicians, artists, or manual labor. Pay could be under the table.


Making money as a blogger while traveling is a dream job for many. But like most things in life, it’s hardly simple. Earning a living with a blog is hard work — and can take years.

Travel Tour Guide

Becoming a travel tour guide is really a interesting job till now as in this job one have the chance to meet new people, make new friends and share their knowledge to others. You could consider getting a job as a local tour guide or tour assistant for an international company, either at a single popular location or for larger multi-destination tours. Or you can think entrepreneurial and start your very own tours!

Traveling Fitness Instructor

Another job that allows you to travel the world while making money is working as a freelance fitness instructor. You can teach classes on pilates, yoga, zumba, dance, or provide services as a personal trainer if you have enough experience in these fields.

2.Do you have to be rich to travel the world?

Lots of people ask that what should they do to travel? questions like (did I win the lottery? Do I have really rich parents that pay for everything? Maybe I donate a lot of plasma, sell property or invest in the stock market?) this everyone ask daily.

The beauty of travel is that it’s accessible to everyone, in some form. You don’t have to go far to experience a new culture. Plus there are several ways to make most flights affordable, whether by being flexible, searching on new websites like Skypicker and Fareness, or just by planning ahead. Know the best time to book a flight: 57 days in advance for domestic flights, 117 for international. Then again, you could just make traveling the world your 9-to-5.


3.What are three tips you would give to someone who is just starting out hosting their own small-group tours abroad?

  1. Make sure you know your customers and what they want.
  2. Don’t overplan — let people explore on their own sometimes.
  3. Make sure everyone has travel insurance!

4.Where are the best places to travel alone?

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If you want to Travel alone, following are the best places to visit:

  1. Melbourne, Australia

  2. Amsterdam, Holland

  3. London, England

  4. Reykjavik, Iceland

  5. Singapore, Singapore

  6. Santiago, Chile

  7. Kyoto, Japan

There are a few places, though, where visiting solo is a bonus, not a burden: notably cruises, yoga retreats, and treks across Europe.

5.What do you do to stay healthy when you travel?

Some Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling:






Last Try to stay right with your diet.

6.What’s the most overrated city?

In my opinion, Krakow. It’s nice but everyone talks about it as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I liked it, but there are a lot of places in Europe that are just like it.

7.How did you get the idea to go everywhere?

he more I thought about it, the more it stayed with me. I still had my graduate program to complete (at that time I hadn’t even started!) but over the next year I continued to travel during breaks, as well as map out an initial 5-year plan that would begin on my 30th birthday just as I approached graduation.

8.How to Pay for trips?

1. I choose to prioritize and invest in life experiences, including travel.

2. Travel hacking greatly helps to lower overall costs.

These two strategies work hand-in-hand. It’s kind of like the old axiom about having more money: to achieve that goal, you can either earn more or spend less.

9.How to Travel without speaking 20 languages?

Not being able to communicate can not only be frustrating, but sometimes it can even be a bit scary. But don’t let a fear of not speaking the language keep you from traveling. You can travel to huge parts of the world without speaking any language other than English. Let me be clear: learning languages is great! And being respectful and not assuming that everyone else speaks English is critical.

Still, if you don’t speak a lot of languages, it needn’t keep you at home. You can usually find the help you need. I’ve been helped many times by strangers all over the world, often without any common language.

Besides, it’s fun to feel disoriented. That’s part of what’s interesting about travel. So yes, do practice your conjugated verbs, but don’t wait to buy plane tickets to your preferred destination.

10.Is India a good travel destination?

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India is an incredibly diverse, interesting, and affordable place to backpack around.  Most Indians are very welcoming and helpful.  It’s quite cheap to be there and you’ll practically never run out of things to do/see.  
However, India can be extremely challenging for many travelers. Most travelers will have to deal with many hassles, annoyances, sicknesses, and cultural differences.  India is definitely not for everyone(and perhaps not for most). One of the best in the world, with a vast variety of destinations clustered together in a single country, from the Miami-esque glitz of Mumbai to the Raj-era holdovers in Kolkata, the parched landscapes and Tuscany-like city states in Rajasthan or the quiet backwaters of Kerala. 

11.What are some of the best travel locations that most people have not heard of?

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Pink Lake- A lake that is pink in color – Exists: It’s a salt lake and is pink in color due to the presence of carotenoid producing algae.

Mateora:These are ‘columns of the sky’ from the 11th century onwards

Fushimi InaritaishaHow To Reach Fushimi Inari-Taisha
The entire complex, consisting of five shrines, sprawls across the wooded slopes of Inari-san.

And many more places you can search google

We’re all keen to explore countries and destinations that are unspoiled or unexpected, even if we’re probably still subconsciously following trends. (This year, Myanmar, Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago, and Sri Lanka are some of our planned far-flung getaways.)

If you have travel questions like these you can ask in the comment section below.


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